By Ronald G. Zelt, M.D. Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon


  • I am writing to let you all know how appreciative I am, for the wonderful care I received. For me, It's closure of a three year long journey. I have struggled my whole life with obesity and experienced a lot of the prejudices that goes along with that. At almost 300 lbs, I'd been treated pretty badly by the medical profession.

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    Just before meeting your staff, I was feeling better about myself and able to blend into a crowd at 140 lbs lighter. I still had issues of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed in my own skin. I still felt ashamed of how I looked and was saddened by my reflexion in the mirror, regardless of all the weight loss and exercise.

    Then I spoke to Natalie. I found a very warm, compassionate and patient woman who took the time to answer all of my questions. I immediately felt at ease with her. Natalie you are wonderful at what you do!

    The next step of the process was to meet Dr. Zelt. This for me was the scariest of all. This meant I had to show a complete stranger all of my ugliest parts and I was terrified. Well to my delight, Dr. Zelt did not for an instant make me feel uneasy or ashamed of myself. It was all of a matter of fact. I felt as though I was showing him my ears! Now that's a gift Dr Zelt! Many thanks for your respect and kindness during the consultation.

    On the day of the surgery I felt strangely calm and relaxed. From the beginning to the end of my stay at the clinic, I was treated warmly and with respect from all the staff involved. What a wonderful team, exceptional quality of work, you should be proud!

    Lastly, Dr. Zelt. The gift you have created for me, with your hands goes beyond my words. All I can say is that you have given me the opportunity to blend into a crowd in the summertime, hold my head a little higher and to feel like a woman again… All this time, my next 40 years look a whole lot brighter than my first 40. I wish you and your staff all the success this world has to offer.

  • I was so sure my surgery would be cause for unease. Every other doctor I'd seen in a consultation did nothing but make me feel scared or ashamed. From first consultation to every follow-up after my surgery, Dr. Zelt has been amazing. I was never uncomfortable or embarrassed. Never worried that something would go wrong. He's an amazing surgeon. I can't thank him enough for how he helped me.

  • Awesome doctor! He took the time to meet me as many times as I wanted to explain all the risks. Surgery went really smoothly, no complications, no pain and wonderful results (breast augmentation). It looks very natural and there are barely any scars.

  • I had my surgery about three months ago and I am very pleased. I had a breast augmentation. He is a great doctor always available when I had a question. Now I'm thinking about going back for liposuction. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Dr. Zelt is a dedicated surgeon. He knows what he's doing and does it very very well. He will never consider a procedure that is not right for the patient. His work is art and I have only good things to say about the whole experience.

  • I went for breast augmentation 2 weeks ago, and when I met with Dr. Zelt, I explained to him that I am very unhappy with my breasts for a very long time. I wanted to feel happy and proud of my breasts. I wanted to look natural. I am very content with the results, they look absolutely amazing, and they look beautiful already. Dr. Zelt is an extraordinary doctor, with lots of knowledge and understands our needs. I highly recommend him! I asked him all the questions possible and he answered them perfectly!!!! He knows what he's doing and he does it amazingly! People are not believing me when I say they're fake ;)